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Web Design for Contractors

A website isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. There are over 830,000 construction companies in the US as of 2019 and that number has grown. That’s thousands of competitors you need to compete with, measure against, and surpass when it comes to selling your services to local clients.

Web design for contractors is one simple yet effective way to stand apart from all the other construction companies in your industry. With 97% of consumers going online to find a company to work with, professional web design is how you sell your message and make your services known.

A Professional Contractor Web Design Will:

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92% of consumers look at a contractor’s website before making a decision – so tell us, is your website able to handle that pressure? Get in touch  today for a professionally designed website for contractors and see the difference in your reach.

How You Know You Need a New Professional Website Design for Contractor Business

Users are searching 24/7 for a business like yours -- will they find you?

So what should your professional website for your contracting company do? A lot! Think of it like your online storefront, your first impression, and a sales representative that doesn’t stop working for you.

People can go online and browse your services 24/7 and a properly designed website leads them through the process, start to finish. Our custom contractor web design services are sure to answer your clients’ questions, lead them to services that solve their problems, and prompt them to get in touch to set up an appointment and obtain a quote.

So how do you know you should partner with a contractor website design agency?

The Benefits of Working With Our Contractor Website Design Agency

It’s not uncommon for business managers or owners to create their own website for their contracting services – there are numerous website services that make a DIY approach easy. What sets a professional contractor website design company apart is both on the front end of the website and on the backend.

Professional web designers at Service Pro Marketers don’t just enhance the design, we ensure fast loading speeds, we optimize for mobile devices, and we create a design that leads clients and visitors through the entire sales pitch, so they’re able to find all your services and get in touch for a quote.

When you partner with Service Pro Marketers and professional web designers for contractors, you get benefits that are worth the investment.

Getting Started With Our Contractor Web Design Company

First things first, we want to hear from you! We’ll discuss your current website, what you want to change, what problems you’re having, and what you want to highlight
Based on the updates you’re looking for, we’ll supply a cost estimate and begin researching templates that fit your vision. You’ll approve the design, and we’ll get to work
Our contractor web design company will get to work with the updates – transferring over old content, updating visuals, maintaining backend technicalities, and more. You will approve the final design before it ever goes live
We keep you updated every step of the way so we know we’re on the right path. You’ll submit changes you would like, adjustments to make, and once it’s approved, it will go live!
We continue to watch your website, troubleshoot any issues that occur, and update the site as you need for as long as you want to continue working with our team; trusted, fast responses for quick updates when you need them

What’s Included in Our Custom Contractor Web Design Services

With our team of web designers on your side, you get everything your company needs for successful hosting, display, and more. Select from our optional web design services and browse all of our web design services for contractors that you can count on when you partner with us.

Everything is in your control and fits your vision – we execute the design, functionality, and ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Know the Stats!

Contractor Web Design Services Aren’t Just for Show - They Make an Impact
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of users will visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews
0 %
of clients mainly use a contracting company’s website to find and engage with them
0 %
of clients won’t consider a business without a website
0 %
of users will leave a website if photos take too long to load
0 %
of users judge a company’s credibility based on its website design
0 %
of users are less likely to visit a website after a single bad experience
0 %
of clients feel closer to a company after reading or watching their content
0 %
of site traffic comes from a mobile device

Common Solutions to Contractor Website Design Problems

Solution: Update the navigation of your site, highlighting the services you want to perform most upfront and creating long, engaging content around those services
Solution: Positive word of mouth and a strong portfolio alone won’t bring in new clients – captivating content to accompany 5-star reviews and images will help seal the deal
Solution: Provide informative content and videos on your website to increase engagement and build trust with potential clients
Solution: Maintain relationships with prompt call to actions and easy to find forms, phone numbers, and social media links
Solution: Create landing pages and keyword-rich content that lures customers to your business all year long
Solution: Along with site design, we provide content marketing, which can greatly improve your search rankings and keep clients on your website longer, making them more likely to contact you for a quote
Solution: Ad-specific landing pages that hook readers, showcase the benefits, and quickly lead them to fill out a contact form with a compelling call-to-action phrase

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Fill out our contact form or schedule a call with us to begin. Ask any questions, send any info, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get to work.

We partner with clients who have a range of budgets, complexity, timeframe, and more.

Contract Website Design FAQ

Contractors need a website in order to show off their portfolio, reach new clients, and have a reliable way for clients to contact them. Your website sells your services, promotes your reputation, and allows you to show up in online searches.

Digital marketing for contractors focuses on web design, mobile-friendly web responsiveness, SEO, and reputation management. Having a dedicated website for potential clients to find you, browse your services, see your past jobs, and more allows for better client acquisition.

Besides having a positive reputation in the community, contractors can see a rise in business with professional web design services for contractors. A dedicated website will have contact forms designed to increase leads from site visitors searching for contracting services near them.
A contractor’s website should always have a landing page for each service. Professional contractor web design services from Service Pro Marketers ensures that each service you have has a dedicated landing page so visitors can get the exact answers they’re looking for. mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Service Pro Marketers focuses on both content and design when it comes to a professional contractor web design-build. This is because content allows the website to show up in Google searches, attract new clients, and prompt them to action, but a user-friendly design leads them through the site and makes navigation easy.
You want to make sure that the professional contractor web design agency you select is familiar with your industry. They should showcase an understanding of your services, outline an intuitive design to lead clients through your website, and they should communicate regularly with you on all questions and services.
A great web design for contractors highlights your services, showcases your portfolio, boosts your reputation, and encourages users to click through to contact you. It should be bold yet simple, easy to navigate, have clear menu items, and multiple CTAs that don’t overwhelm visitors.

Web Design for Contractor Costs

The most popular question is: how much does a new website cost?

Website costs are considered on a case-by-case basis, tailored to your company’s individual needs. Some businesses need a website that has numerous functions, appeals to several audiences, and redirects them to several quote or information pages. Some companies are more straightforward, needing a simple and clean design that highlights one central message.

During our initial consult call, we’ll discuss what it is about your website that you don’t like and, instead, what you are looking for. Each web design service is customized to your and your specific needs, instead of a cookie-cutter approach. This provides more flexibility and freedom when it comes to both the final design and the final budget.

Pricing considerations include:

Get To Know Service Pro Marketers

Our professional contractor web design agency started out with a simple vision: help small companies grow in their local community so they can thrive.

Half of the small businesses exit within the first 5 years – too small a number for local companies. Owner Cody realized he had a talent for SEO, web design, and digital marketing. Small companies that he partnered with saw substantial growth, expanding into new counties, adding new locations, and even taking on work in neighboring states.

Since his start, Cody has assembled a team of content writers, web designers, SEO experts, advertising professionals, and more. The well-rounded team at Service Pro Marketers is able to execute flawless web design and digital marketing projects because it’s our expertise and our passion.

No time wasted on research, keyword compilation, or industry trends: we already have the up-to-date info on hand and are ready to apply
A well-rounded team allows for fast responses and quick website updates when you need them
Our team members have hands-on application knowledge and follow industry news to stay up to date on trends that may impact your professional contractor website and digital marketing services
Our partners we’ve worked with have stayed with us for years – it’s because we deliver honest results and clear communication so everyone is on the same page

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