Internet Marketing for Landscaping Contractors

The best way to be found online is by using search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will allow your landscaping company to rank higher in popular searches when someone is looking for a company like yours. As part of our digital marketing for landscaping companies, we target popular keywords for your industry and combine them with the service areas you cover.

The primary focus of most landscaping companies nowadays is SEO and if you’re not utilizing SEO, you will fall behind competitors in online searches. Our company has years of experience with all aspects of internet marketing for landscaping companies which allows us to analyze your competitors, increase your presence, and get you to rank higher and obtain more leads.

We are here to help your landscaping business capture more online local leads that have a higher probability of converting a customer into a contracted client. 

The majority of internet users now use their smartphones as their primary search engine, which is why it’s crucial to make sure your website shows up on Google Maps. Digital marketing for landscaping companies makes sure that when clients look for a local landscaping company near them, your business is the one that shows up.

By partnering with our landscaping digital marketing experts, we’ll help you stand out in your local area and increase your phone calls and overall leads.

PPC Ads are an easy and effective digital marketing strategy that puts your business at top of the search results for competitive phrases like “landscapes near me,” which means your ads can show up in front of all competitors. This is a great landscaping digital marketing strategy if you’re looking to promote new offers, especially during busy seasons when demand may exceed supply or lead generation slows down.

PPC campaigns should not be used as long-term solutions because they typically only have short bursts that end after 30 days on Google Adwords; however, it’s still worth utilizing them while our team helps plan out what works best with your budget and gets your long-term SEO strategy running.

In today’s world, a professionally designed website is more important than ever. A poorly designed site won’t just turn away potential customers –  it will make them think twice about using your service in the future. At our landscaping digital marketing agency, we work with clients to design and maintain their digital presence so they can take advantage of all that modern technology has to offer. We have beautiful designs for every budget and business type as well as mobile-ready templates!

A poor website not only turns off prospective clients before you even had a chance to talk with them but it also diminishes trustworthiness among existing users – 38% of users will leave if there are technical problems or errors on the page while 57% say they would be less likely to return after having an unpleasant experience navigating through your content. Avoid losing landscaping clients to competitors by ensuring you have a responsive and professional website design.

Our landscaping digital marketing services allow your business to grow and reach its full potential with social media management. Whether looking for a basic consultation, content creation, or full-on daily management of your accounts (or all three!), we’re here to provide the best service that you can get in this industry.

Social media provides insights on audience demographics, real-time feedback, and what your customers want more from you. With our insights on growth areas like analytics, insight into what’s trending now and how it will affect marketing strategies going forward, as well as engagement tips based on customer demographics such as gender or age group, you have access to new ways to market and connect.

Looking to have increased reviews? Need more followers day after day? We’ve got you covered because Social Media Management helps brands develop themselves through strong online efforts which include telling compelling stories via posts across various platforms.

Online reviews are just as trustworthy to customers as a personal recommendation from friends or family. This is why it’s critical for landscaping companies, like yours, to have 5-star ratings on online platforms. With landscaping marketing services by our experts, you’ll be able to outrank your competitors in no time.

Our reputation management includes asking for reviews and monitoring/responding accordingly; keep track of where and when your company is tagged online; getting in front of new opportunities. 

To beat out the competition, your online content has to be snappy, informative, educational and entertaining. Digital marketing for landscaping contractors from Service Pro Marketers includes a team of professional content writers. We analyze competitors’ content and exceed their length, we include trending keywords on all website pages so that people are continuously exposed to your services, and we make sharable content you are proud to host! 

Stop worrying about what to write on your website, how to send professional but personable, or what blog topics you should target. We’ve got it handled.

Email marketing is the best way to reach your clients and remind them of what you have going on. We can help with everything when it comes to email marketing, from creating emails for advertising new deals or sale items, to designing newsletters where we send out email updates about your latest product releases and services. Together let’s create an e-mail list that includes all of your customers!

Do not underestimate the value of email marketing when determining a strategy for digital marketing for landscape contractors. For every $1 spent your efforts yield around $40 back – together we will make it work by developing customer lists based off past sales data and once completed, clients are kept up-to-date via newsletter blasts which could be scheduled as often as weekly or monthly depending upon your preference.

Facebook advertising is the key to unlocking new customers in your area. It’s important for landscaping contractors, like yourself, to take advantage of Facebook and other social media marketing platforms so you can reach potential clients all over the internet. Let us help devise a budget tailored specifically for your business needs: we will create ads targeted at specific audiences who are most likely interested in what you have to offer them!

With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, it’s obvious how essential analyzing target markets through this platform is. We will use our digital marketing for landscaping knowledge and experience to grow your online presence and reach new clients.

94% of consumers determine a company's credibility based on their website design

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Get started with internet marketing for landscaping contractors today and generate more quality leads. Our Landscaper Digital Marketing Agency is available and ready to discuss your company’s goals. One call today can lead to a new strategic plan in a week.

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Why Partner With Our Landscaping Digital Marketing Experts

No longer struggle to gain website traffic

Stop falling behind competitors in search results

Actually convert website visitors into leads

Avoid spending money on ad campaigns that don’t seem to deliver

Get known as an industry leader with a quality reputation 

Partnering with the right digital marketing company is a win-win situation: you will gain more leads with a managed reputation online and our services are always offered at an affordable price.

Partnering with us to invest in your digital marketing landscaping future means investing in yourself! We help you solve problems that would otherwise continue for years if left unchecked – like managing your reputation on social media platforms or generating better conversion rates through SEO strategy development.

Think bigger, braver, and bolder. The biggest missed opportunity in content marketing is playing it too safe.

- Ann Handley, digital marketing pioneer

Important Stats in Landscaping Digital Marketing Services


searches happen per second on Google

Use SEO to be in the top 5 relevant searches related to your industry


of businesses have acquired customers through a company blog

Our SEO strategy uses content writing to inform clients about your business through blog posts


of buyers and consumers do research on social media

Social Media Management showcases your work, seasonal offerings, and more before a client even has a chance to call you

3.5 hours

per day is how much time the average person spends on their smartphone

Local SEO & mobile-friendly websites help put you in front of mobile consumers


is the average cost per click for advertisements in the home improvement industry

Allow our landscaping marketing experts to find you the best CPC deal


of people say that email marketing was the best way to regenerate leads

Set up an email marketing campaign with us that runs monthly or weekly


words in a blog article is more likely to bring in 3x more traffic, 4x more shares, 3.5x more backlinks

Our content writers are experts are writing captivating long blog posts


of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while on mobile

Social Media, SEO, & Web Design all help achieve this end result

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