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Pay-Per-Click Advertising is one of the best digital marketing strategies contractors from all trades can invest in. That’s because PPC Advertising puts your company directly in front of the customers who are searching and provides them with YOUR solutions to their problems. PPC Services for Contractors allows your company to grow from a small team to a flourishing business. Imagine if someone typed into Google “local contractor bathroom remodel”, saw YOUR business, clicked onto your bathroom remodeling page with a contact form right there, and sent you a message immediately. That’s the power of PPC Services for Contractors. And with PPC management from Service Pro Marketers, we help you manage your landing pages, the keywords you are targeting, your chosen audience, budget, and more.
What Industries Can Benefit from Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Contractors?

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What is PPC Management for Contractors?

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.

PPC Management allows a professional contractor digital marketing agency to manage your pay-per-click advertising. This includes:

You work together with our advertising experts to set the outlines of your PPC marketing. We will ask you:
This allows us to examine the keywords, locations, services, and more available for you and the ones your competitors are utilizing. We will make a plan that optimizes the most clicks in your desired field with the most cost-effective budget to provide you with leads and results.

How Does PPC Advertising for Contractors Work?

PPC Advertising for Contractors is most often done via Google and Google Ads Services. The basic structure allows you to select which keywords you want to bid on for your ad – you set how much you are willing to pay for each click. Google will not go above your budget.

Our analysis tools allow us to see which keywords are in high demand, their estimated cost for bidding, and which ones are most effective. We cover this data with you so we can make an advertising budget and plan that optimizes your focus.

Google will place ads based on competition, bid amount, and the relevancy of your ad. You are only charged if someone clicks on your ad. This allows you to have total control of your spend amount.

We help you find the best cost for results, we customize your ad for maximum relevancy, and we monitor competitors so we can pivot our approach when needed.

Is PPC for Contractors
Better than SEO?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising vs Search Engine Optimization is the choice most businesses feel they need to make. SEO is a long-term solution, while PPC can deliver results fast. So, is there a better option?

The truth is, both SEO and PPC Advertising for Contractors have a time and a place. And the best possible way to boost your business online is by creating a digital marketing plan that incorporates both strategies.

SEO is a long-term solution, providing site visitors and leads without having to pay for advertising or outbid other competitors. It’s your long-term strategy for your business. PPC, on the other hand, allows you to boost popular services right away, draw attention to new services or specials, and get in front of buyers immediately.

The best thing about PPC and SEO is that each digital marketing strategy boosts the other – SEO content creates informative landing pages for PPC ads, SEO keywords provide a framework for the best approach when it comes to PPC advertising for contractors, and so on.

Based on your busy seasons, services, budget, and more, we can increase and decrease PPC and SEO and give one more attention to the other when needed. Get the best of both worlds without sacrificing short-term or long-term solutions.

What Makes an Effective PPC Advertising Campaign

So how do you get the most out of your PPC Services for your Contracting Business? Our PPC Management includes covering each vital aspect of a PPC Advertising Campaign. Here are just a few of the focuses we target to get in front of in-demand audiences and turn clicks into leads.

A pay-per-click ad for contractors that goes to a generic page, like your home page or contact page, isn’t going to do much for conversions. PPC gets clients immediately on your website and puts your services in front of them, but that isn’t all the work. A dedicated landing page should be used for each ad that you have. If you’re targeting homeowners who want landscaping services, for example, you wouldn’t send them to your remodeling page. Clients who click on the ad want to immediately see the solution for their problem and how to get in contact with you. That means a well-designed landing page for each PPC advertising campaign. We put the most important info AND a call to action above the fold, so they can see, learn, click, and book.

You’re not just like every other contracting company out there, so why is your PPC campaign? PPC management for contractors means our team learns about your business, so then we can put forth what makes you different.

Maybe you have access to high-quality materials, you’ve been in the family business for 30 years, you helped on a major news-worthy project, or you just have the perfect branding to tell your story. Whatever it is you’re known for, that goes front and center on your PPC advertising.

When assembling your PPC Advertisement, you have to remember your elevator pitch: how you describe your service, brand, and problem-solving approach all in three sentences or less. Get right to it in your ad AND on your landing page.

Don’t assume the consumer wants to read everything about your service or company – get the hook and get the lead and they will learn about you throughout the process. For now, stay simple, embrace the basics, and your Google Ads Services for Contractors will work for you.

The biggest reason contracting companies partner with Service Pro Marketers for their Google Ads Services and other PPC Advertising is so they know there is a dedicated team managing, tweaking, and updating the ads.

When you get busy, your digital marketing is going to fall behind if you’re the only one overseeing it. Our team makes sure your ads compete with competitors, follow trends, adjust based on consumer habits, and deliver cost-effective results. If managing all of that on your own sounds like a lot, trust our experts to keep you in the loop and take on the commitment.

PPC Advertising in Numbers

Know the stats behind PPC Services for Contractors so you understand what’s at stake and how our business can boost your business for better growth.
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was spent on search advertising in 2020
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PPC is one of the top 3 generators for on-page conversions
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PPC Advertising for Contractors FAQ

Yes, PPC advertising for contractors and home improvement businesses really works! This is because it is completely customizable based on your budget, audience, services, and more. PPC advertising is ranked the third-best conversion strategy behind on-page conversions and email marketing. It’s effective, simple, and teh results are tangible and easy to be measured.

PPC ADs for contractors vary based on a variety of factors, including the popularity of the keyword, competitors’ bids, and the relevance of your overall ad + your website’s reputation with Google.

For this reason, PPC is great for large and small budgets because you can go after key terms high in the sales funnel or low, reaching a wide range of customers at different price points.

PPC for Contractors should involve simple, effective call-to-actions in both the ad itself and on the landing page in order to see the best results.

You want something that is urgent, informative, and inspires excitement. Based on your services, our expert advertising team and content writers will design the best call-to-action for your needs.

PPC management for contractors is essential because PPC is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies in use. This is because PPC drives instant results, both with website traffic and leads.

Contracting companies who aren’t using PPC services are losing out on brand awareness and competitor ads.

PPC adverting for contractors can be done seasonally or year-long. You decide if you want a boost of leads and brand awareness in busy seasons, off-seasons, or year-round. PPC advertising is also great for launching new services, locations, specials, sales, and more.

Whatever it is you want to promote, and when, PPC for contractors provides the flexibility.

At Service Pro Marketers, our PPC managers help manage your PPC campaigns and deliver you the stats behind the campaigns. This includes keyword research, competitor analysis, budget management, conversation tracking, click-through rate, landing page creation, and more.

We help tweak the campaigns when needed, pause or stop at your request, and let you know what is showing the best results and what isn’t.

Our advertising experts use various tools to research the best keywords for your PPC campaign based on budget, competitors, and service popularity.

We look at where your audience is in the sales funnel, what solutions your services provide to consumers, and how in-demand your service is at the time of the ad. Our goal is always the best conversion for the most cost-effective rate.

How long you want to run your PPC campaign is entirely up to you and what you’re looking for for your business.

Some PPC for contracting clients start their ads at the start of their busy season and then end them when their schedule is booked. Others run their ads only during the off season to compensate and some clients run ads year-round.

It is a myth that you need a large budget to run PPC ads. The best part of PPC advertising for contractors is the flexibility it provides you. While some keywords may require larger budgets, you can customize the ads you want to run based on what keywords currently have lower or higher budgets.

Going after less popular keywords that target audiences at different locations in the sales funnel can reap just as many benefits. Trust us to help you optimize your budget for the most effective conversions.

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