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The Benefits of Working With a Dedicated Contractor SEO Agency

93% of online interactions start with a search

We know your industry almost as well as you do! No guessing games, no time wasted on research, no trial-and-error. We approach your organic and local SEO with proven techniques that work in your field.

Each industry has different target audiences, from profession to age range and income ratio. We know how to target the audiences that are looking for help from your industry. This includes making landing pages for everyone from the homeowner to the commercial business manager so they can get the info they need, tailored to them from you.

SEO keywords for contractors are all about knowing your audience – we have already nailed down the popular keywords users use when searching for local contractors in their area. We take that knowledge and apply it to your content for faster results.

The technical aspects of your industry aren’t lost on us. Let us know what sets you apart from the competitors and our local SEO content writers will quickly and easily write new content that explains what you do and why you do it better in your field.

Local SEO for contractors can rely heavily on connections, reputation, and backlinks to help you stand out. We know how to ask the right questions to get you quality backlinks and pitch them to our local connections so you improve your digital reputation.

The Partnership Process to Begin SEO for Contractors with Service Pro Marketers

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Check the Stats!

Why is SEO for contractors important? We’ll show you! These stats are just a small window into the problem areas we know contracting companies face.

If you’re not taking steps to improve your Local SEO, your competitors are! Stay ahead of the competition by knowing the stats.


of all Google searches are looking for a local business


of business is lost by not staying in contact with previous clients


of consumers determine a business’ credibility based on their website design


of small businesses rely on social media to drive their revenue


of mobile users will not recommend a business if the mobile site isn’t easy to use


of marketers say social media efforts have increased their business reach


of companies gain new clients by using videos on social media


of clients use social media to make purchasing decisions

13 minutes

is how long consumers research businesses before making a decision

2 out of 3

mobile users are more likely to work with a company that mentions local information


is the difference in revenue from having a 3-Star rating and a 5-star rating


of customers who engage with a business on social media will spend 40% more with that company

Common Problems Contractor SEO SOLVES!

Do any of these problem areas sound like you or your company?

Our mission is to help and execute proven solutions to these common marketing problems for contractors. That’s what SEO for contractors can do. Our proven marketing solutions stop these issues from dragging your company down or holding you back. Begin today so you have a solid groundwork to grow your company off of.

Hover or click on each problem to discover the SEO solution to bring business to your company. 


You’ve worked with an SEO company before but you don’t know what they did or how their approach worked


With our Contractor SEO Services, we always keep you updated on what we’re doing and what is (or isn’t) working


You have high-quality work and praise from clients, but your referrals aren’t growing


Word of mouth is a great way to increase clientele, but it isn’t stable or predictable, so SEO services for contractors will help flesh out your client intake


You know the clients you want but you don’t know how to reach the key decision-makers


With SEO for contractors, your website speaks directly to the key decision-makers who will hire your services


New clients are sporadic and inconsistent


Are you getting business but not in a way that is predictable? Not anymore, we’ll keep it consistent


You’ve lowered your prices to be competitive and now revenue is taking a hit


This is a common pitfall that can be avoided by utilizing the proper marketing SEO techniques that highlight your value


You rely on bad weather to help you sell business and services


Many contractors count on the weather and the seasons to sell their services, but this leaves money on the table


You’re doing online marketing but not sure how to generate new leads


Putting out digital ads is one thing, but turning those ads into new leads is the next step our professional SEO agency for contractors can solve


You’ve made business changes but haven’t tracked what’s worked and what hasn’t


Blindly advertising or marketing without tracking results can mean falling back into old pitfalls you’ve hit before


You are consistently working with clients that don’t match who your ideal client is


Almost any business is good business, but who is your ideal client? We help you reach them


You do great in your prime seasons but your offseasons are slow and hurting business


Yes, we do help companies get leads and phone calls even in their off-season – we know how to reach your audience

Get To Know Our Professional Contractor SEO Agency

Who are Service Pro Marketers? We are a team of SEO techs, content writers, marketers, and web designers.

Service Pro Marketers began when owner, Cody, realized he had a knack for helping local contracting businesses grow. What started out as helping a friend with their digital marketing turned into substantial growth. With a team behind him, his digital marketing business grew and he realized his best clients were those in the contracting industry.

Now, Service Pro Marketers is a crew of contractor knowledgable team members who know how to write, market, and promote contractors online. The growth the businesses have seen, the partnerships that have been created, and the reputations that have risen are out of this world.

You’re not taking a chance with our professional contractor SEO agency, you’re investing in yourself.

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