Social Media Management for Contractors

Contractor social media management and social media marketing for home improvement companies. Highlight your approach and stand apart in your industry.

If you could talk to your customers daily, showcase your work in real-time, brag about new jobs, and demonstrate what sets your company apart to a wide audience, why wouldn’t you?

Social media marketing for contractors does all of that and more.

Local contractors often overlook the benefits of social media marketing for home improvement companies. The truth is, when managed correctly, your social media profiles work for you 24/7, encouraging reviews, recommendations, shares of your local work, and giving you a place to display not only your portfolio but your integrity and company approach. You stop being just a business and you become a partner that clients trust.

Social media management for contractors from Service Pro Marketers takes away the guesswork of social media content creation and delivers optimized, authentic connections that drive results on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Reach out to our social media experts TODAY to discover if social media is the right fit for your home improvement company.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Social media marketing for contractors is different than other forms of digital marketing for home improvement contractors. Unless you are specifically running Facebook ads, the metrics for success vary from client to client. Some contractors are looking to grow a following, others want to strengthen their branding, and some opt to curate a reputation as an informative and resourceful local contracting business. Because of this, it isn’t enough to say “social media drove x number of clients to call me!” Social media management for home improvement businesses can have different target focuses. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to see for your contracting company by investing in social media management from Service Pro Marketers.
Retain Clients & Boost Referrals

No need to worry about how to remind your customers you’re still around – a social following keeps you at the forefront of their thoughts and makes recommendations easier than ever

Build Brand Trust

For contractors, trust is everything, so we optimize your social media marketing so that consumers have confidence in your work and your honesty for every job

Reputation Management

Control the narrative around your company by showing off your 5-star reviews, posting photos of completed work, and bragging about awards and lectures your company provides so you’re seen as an expert in the industry

Humanize Your Business

People want to work with humans, not businesses, especially on large projects that involve their homes; social media humanizes your contracting business and allows authentic loyal connections to be made

Drive Site Traffic

When content is properly balanced, social media has a wide reach that boosts traffic to your site, exposing you to new leads and a bigger customer base

Improve Customer Service

Consumers have quick questions that only require simple answers, like do you do windows? Are you experienced with smart home systems? Answering these questions promptly on social media leads to more connections and more jobs

Gain Insights for Marketing

Social media management for contractors provides real-time data on who your audience is, so your other marketing efforts are streamlined and can pivot to reach the people who need your services the most

Targetted Advertising

Our social media marketing for contractors includes advertising, allowing us to specifically target people in your area, occupation, age range, and more to improve click-through rates and lead acquisition

Get to Know the Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Contractors

Social Media contractors in Biltmore, MD
Don’t waste your time and energy on social media platforms that don’t speak to your audience. Social media marketing for contractors is not casting a wide net and hoping something catches. You want your time, energy, and content directed to the platforms where your consumers already are. Get to know the social media platforms we are experienced with so we can help you with consulting, management, content creation, and social media marketing for all home improvement businesses and services. Remember! For all social media profiles, we will optimize your information, brand your cover photos and profile photos, manage comments replies, and message responses.
  • Project Photo Posts: Before, During, After
  • Team Member Highlights
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Event Promotions
  • New Service Announcements, Deals, and Specials
  • Blog Post Announcements
  • Website Shares
  • Industry News, Jokes, Trends
  • Project Photos
  • Finished, Polished Photos
  • Behind the Scenes Pictures and Videos
  • Before/After Comparisons
  • Personal Photos via Story Posts
  • Story Polls, Interactions, and Quizzes
  • Short Form Videos
  • Personalized Short Videos
  • Company-Specific Hashtags
  • SEO Optimized Title, Tags, Descriptions
  • Linked Time Segments in Descriptions for Ease of Navigation
  • Site Embedded Videos
  • How To and Informative Content
  • Personalized Branding

What Sets Our Contractor Social Media Management Apart

SMM contractors in Biltmore, MD
Social media managers can’t do all the work themselves. We rely on you and your team to provide media that create an authentic online presence. This is why we partner together to consult, edit, tailor the messaging, and boost it online. With us, expect tailored recommendations that give you better online quality.
All we work with are home improvement companies. This means we understand what competitors are doing and what audiences want to see on the different social media networks.
Decide if you want social media consulting services or complete social media management. Start with a little or go all in right away. The decision is in your hands to get the most flexibility out of your budget.
Our social media management services for contractors include interaction! This is message responses, comment replies, review shares, and more so that you are seen as an active, responsive company.
Social media management services for contractors provide insightful metrics on your audience’s location, age range, gender, and more. With the right content, we can deliver easy-to-understand results every month about what people are looking for from your company.

Social Media Statistics for Contractors


Adults spend over 95 minutes on social media every day


Consumers are 37% more likely to buy a service from an influencer


Facebook accounts for 25% of all digital advertising each quarter


Instagram has an 81% engagement rate

7 profiles

The average American has 7 social media accounts


There are more than 60 million Facebook Business Pages


93% of marketers cite business exposure as the top benefit of social media


75% of Instagram users visit a website or business profile after viewing an ad


76% of adults can be reached with Facebook ads


94% of marketers use Facebook in their campaign efforts


80% of Instagram users follow a business profile


25% of Instagram ads are videos

Social Media for Contractors FAQ

Yes! Your contracting company can benefit dramatically from social media management services. Social media will showcase your portfolio in real-time, strengthen your company branding, and encourage referrals and recommendations from previous clients.
Our home improvement social media management services track followers, impressions, reach, engagements, unfollows, post hides, audience demographics, video views, link clicks, and more. These vary based on organic posts vs paid posts.
Our social media management company for contractors will help you select the right social media platforms to use for your company based on your audience, content, branding, and more. We always recommend Facebook and Instagram to our clients for the broadest reach possible.
Yes! With regular posting, a planned out content schedule, regular engagements, and trend tracking, your following will rise organically and with an audience that is dedicated to your content and branding.
Video is the fastest growing, in-demand media on social media today. Video help sets your business apart, showcases your branding, demonstrates your branding, and highlights your industry knowledge. Our contractor social media managers can help edit your videos for maximum social media impact.
Our social media consultants for contractors will provide easy tips for getting top-of-the-line social media content. This includes snapping progress photos on your smartphone, taking behind-the-scenes photos and videos, showcasing fun moments during the job, and repurposing informative content for online social media posts.

Social media management for contractors complements a search engine optimization strategy. Content created for SEO can be repurposed for social media and social media is an additional avenue of traffic to get clients finding and following your business.

Service Pro Marketers offers social media management at a variety of price points and packages. You can opt for social media consulting for contractors, entire social media management, or an add-on of social media marketing and advertising. You set your advertising budget and we assist you with growth, advertising, and more.

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